Our VISION is to be the best partner for our customer.


Our MISSION is to design and produce mechanical components, equipment and machinery for the industry of high quality and to provide maintenance services. The personalized relationship with the customer, sought through a consultative approach, is our added value.

Remu s.r.l. plant

Remu plant is composed of three warehouses: the principal is used for the production activity; the second for stock and services, the third is used as depot. The area covers approximately 10,000 sqm of which 3,000 sqm are covered.


  • 1972
    Giorgio Marasca founds REMU; on July, 20th, 1972 REMU is registered in the Chamber of Commerce
  • 1978
    In September, 1978 REMU transfers its production in its own plant in Manoppello.
  • 1992
    On April, 28th, 1992 the Laurea Honoris Causa is proposed to Giorgio Marasca since he designed and manufactured a special machinery for Oil&Gas market for the USA.
  • 1998
    On October, 31st, 1998, with the entry of the sons, Carlo and Enrico Marasca, REMU passes from sole proprietorship to Unlimited parnership
  • 1999
    Remu achieves the first certification of its Quality Management System according to ISO 9002 ed.94 standard (at present ISO 9001 ed.2015)
  • 2000
    On June, 19th, the reins of the Company are taken up by the founder’s sons, Carlo and Enrico, who succeed to him.
  • 2001
    On January, 1st, 2001 REMU turns into an unlimited Company
  • 2003
    In May 2003 REMU takes parts for the first time in the “Exhibition of Mechanics” in Lanciano (where it takes part also in 2005 and in 2007).
  • 2011From March, 2011, REMU takes part in the biennal exhibition OMC in Ravenna
    On May, 31st, 2011 REMU achieves the API certification and on November, 8th, 2011 the certification according to ISO 3834:2 standard
  • 2014
    In September, 2014 REMU takes part for the first time in Rio Oil&Gas exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.