For years Remu has been operating with a precise objective: to give its customers the ultimate in innovation, thanks to ideas that come to life by combining cutting-edge technologies and in-depth knowledge of mechanics  

Experience, consulting services, design, constant study, customisation, Italian tradition: the cornerstones on which we base our work in every sector.

Remu manufactures turnkey moulding equipment and machinery for the moulding of rubber and polyurethane drive belts in the automotive market, and in industry in general.

Remu specialises in the design and manufacture of highly customised, special turnkey machines for various sectors, mainly for the TNT and polymer industry in general.

Remu manufactures equipment for the Oil&Gas sector according to API standards. Our in-house engineering department is able to study different solutions, including highly customised machines, to comply with the highest standards of the sector.


In the sectors in which it operates, Remu accompanies its customers every step of the way, thanks to the special one stop shop service. Find out more.


Transforming creative ideas into a real business project thanks to mechanics, taking care of our customers and their aspirations: the foundations on which we base our quality policy. See our certificates and licenses.