It was 1972 when Giorgio Marasca gave life to his dream and founded REMU: Revisione Macchine Utensili. Over the years, the company grew and, as sons Carlo and Enrico joined the company, it specialized in the manufacture of equipment and machines for molding rubber and polyurethane belts and in the design and production of increasingly advanced machines for multiple industries.

These are some milestones that have marked our history.

The spirit of our origins has not changed: we are curious people, always looking for creative ideas to transform them, thanks to the power of mechanics and technological innovation, into an authentic business project, giving it the value it deserves.

We work guaranteeing maximum reliability, which is indispensable in sectors where quality and safety are essential.

We believe in constant attention and care, especially for people and their needs.

We stand by our customers, to listen to them and help them overcome the challenges of today with an eye toward those of tomorrow.

This is REMU, a true way of being.


Carlo Marasca

Enrico Marasca

Paola Morichetti


Presidente / Amministratore

Ing. Carlo Marasca


Dott. Enrico Marasca

Direttore tecnico

Ing. Fabio Santilli

Simone Mastrodicasa

Pianificazione e controllo delle attività

Ing.  Simone Mastrodicasa

Responsabile Approvvigionamento e logistica

Ing. Alessio Tocco

Responsabile del sistema di gestione per la qualità

Ing. Lorenzo Di Renzo

Referente tecnico commerciale

Dott.ssa. Michela Messicano

Responsabile di produzione

Corrado Dell’Orso

Risorse umane

Dott.ssa. Eleonora Iurilli