Communication about Coronavirus

Dear customer/partner,

With this communication we would like to inform you that TORTELLA is manufacturing regularly.

Our Company has adopted all Safety measures established by the Prime Minister on March 11, 2020 and previous ones and by the Regulation protocol signed on March 14, 2020 between Government, trade unions and industry associations to safeguard its personnel.

For this reason, the General Management has taken the following measures:
• It has adopted a behaviour regulation and all safety protocols to avoid any possibility of infection within the work environment;
• It has given to all office personnel the possibility of Smart Working;
• It has cancelled all commercial trips, all sales representatives’ and suppliers’ visits, events, meetings, etc.; meetings can be organized by using the proper technology with conference call;
• It has limited the access to the facility ONLY to drivers that must observe the guidelines established by the Prime Minister on March 9, 2020, whose procedure is here attached;
• The work environment and all common spaces have been sanitized; moreover, the Company ensures that the workstations and the common spaces will be cleaned every day and that the facility will be sanitized periodically.

We hope there will be soon better days; for now, stay close, even potentially, in this difficult period for everyone.

Guidelines on COVID 19

Bets regards,