REMU S.r.l.

Remu plant and headquarter are in the industrial area of Manoppello Scalo, Pescara, Italy.

Tel. +39 085 85 61 116 •
Fax +39 085 85 61 491

Italia • Pescara • Manoppello, via Teramo n.20

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How to reach us

  • From Rome (A25), take Manoppello exit (1,3 Km).
  • From Bologna-Taranto (A-14), take the exit of Pescara Ovest/Chieti (15 Km).
  • The nearest Airport is: International Airport “Pasquale Liberi” of San Giovanni Teatino – Pescara (23 Km).
remu srl carlo marasca

Chairman/ Administrator
Eng. Carlo Marasca

Activity planning and control
Eng. Francesco Carchesio

enrico marasca remu srl

Dott. Enrico Marasca

Purchasing and logistic responsible
Eng. Alessio Tocco

Sales Manager
Eng. Carlo Marasca

Quality Management System responsible
Eng. Lorenzo Di Renzo


Technical Manager
Eng. Fabio Santilli

Human Resource
Mrs. Michela Messicano