Our products are designed and engineered to handle any kind of customer request and areas we serve.


Quality and reliability of our products are guaranteed by the efficiency of the production processes, and by a working group consistently customer-oriented and own skills growth-oriented.


Remu consider the customer its partner and follows the relationship with consultancy spirit in the design, manufacture and maintenance of the products.

Our customers in the world

The Italian Company Remu Srl is the founder of Remu Group, which also Remu Balkans SH.P.K. located in Albania and Remu Brasil Ltda. located in Brasil belong to.

Staff training

Remu organizes specific training for the continuous and steady growth of its staff in order to ensure the highest quality products and services to its customers.

Inspired by Leonardo

Many inventions that today are the basis of our work have seen the light thanks to the great investigators of reality: from Archimedes to Brunelleschi and many more!